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The Debate Wages On with PolitiJim! Join in if You Dare!

Oh Yes PolitiJim and I have a debate going! Join in the discussion if you dare!


Yes. The debate DOES continue.

Clearly some of the Fukushima radiation has made it to the Louisiana coast and become a glowing garnish for your gumbo. Now hang on, I don’t want you to fall off of your stiletto sneakers, but here is my rebuttal to your rebuttal to my rebuttal.

First, you didn’t address the core of my argument. Previous Triple Crown winners WON! Many against even worse situations. (like Seabiscuit) IT IS WHAT MADE THEM GREAT. Lowering standards so that more can win is a principle that is far beneath a woman of class and intelligence such as yourself.

Second, the “rules” interference, drug testing and blocking are not being put in place so that a “favored” horse can win. They are put in place so that all have a fair chance to win. They are (mostly) for the safety of the jockey and horse, and secondly to prohibit unfair advantage against any individual horse. Under your logic, the “Cali Chrome” rule would hurt horses who have every bit as much right to race in the Preakness as others. Why do you feel it is unjust for Tonalist to race when it didn’t qualify for the Derby? So what? As the article I mentioned referenced – this has been standard practice for YEARS. Yes, I understand that there may have been a “gentleman’s agreement” years back, but the same could be said of 19th Century warfare where you line up in front of the opposing army and let them shoot at you without taking cover. Honor is not quite so glamorous when you intentionally decimate your own forces.

And THAT is my key point. Do we ask the NBA to disallow the San Antonio Spurs to play Kawhi Leonard (or any new member that wasn’t on their Finals team last year) so that King James and Klowns can Three-Peat? No. Of course not.

Winners want to win against the BEST competition available. …..Just like I have in my argument against you. :))))

Love always,


California Chrome has something to say

Darling Birdie take a sip of coffee,

You have been a Cubs fan too long even Wrigley’s Field added lights so hopefully I can shed light for you!

Seabiscuit NEVER ran in the Triple Crown. His success started when he was four and he was the King of the match races. At Pimlico at almost 6 years old he would defeat the unbeatable War Admiral both sired by (in my opinion the second greatest horse) Man o’War.

The reason for the Derby qualifiers came down to the track and race rules had a first come first serve to get your horse in the race and anyone with a thoroughbred could enter. To insure a better quality field a point system was inaugurated in 1986 due in fact the old system was too confusing. The actual field for qualification is limited to 24 with 4 on the bubble. Each owner is required to pay 25k like an application fee and another 25k to start plus the actual race fee.

What makes the Derby qualifier so unique is that there are 34 stake races (reduced from the 36 (hmmm change)) that begins when the thoroughbred is racing in their 2-year old season. Which is known as the Kentucky Derby Prep Season with 17 races on dirt or synthetic surfaces and a distance of at least 1 mile.

The Kentucky Derby Championship Series works the same way. A filly is required to run in the same races as colts and geldings.

Under the old system there were 185 graded stake races worldwide. Do I see another change?

So green mean birdie, you didn’t answer my question on all the races that other horses ran. Tonalist ran one in 2013 finishing 4th and a his 3 year old maiden race at Gulf Stream he lost. But finally won the Peter Pan. How is racing in a total of just 4 races fair to the rest of those horses that raced in 10 or more?

My point is if there is a fair field then a thoroughbred should have competed in one of the Derby Series. To have a horse that didn’t compete in either series is like entering a team in the Super Bowl without playing a single game in the season or playoffs.

As I said Chrome still wouldn’t have won the Belmont because General A Rod placed 3rd in the Belmont and like I said on twitter he was due.

By the plumage way General A Rod ran in all three legs of the Triple Crown. Oh slam dunk for me!

Much love and care,



Wagering on The Rules of The Triple Crown Will Change? Don’t Be a Dumb A**!

My good friend PolitiJim response to my blog Rust on the Chrome, All or Nothing!
Now I don’t normally post like this and I hope PolitiJim is cool with it. The point is that these debates or discussions will end in dead heat.

PolitiJim’s comments:

I’m of a differing opinion. As it turns out there are more horses that qualified for the Derby racing these past years than in era’s before. When Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978, he faced four horses in the Preakness that had not run in the Derby.

Affirmed faced two horses in the Belmont that skipped the Preakness, one of which didn’t run in the Derby either.

Since when did horse racing suddenly get kindergarten self-esteem syndrome? You know the one that says we have to give everyone a medal so they feel good. The corrosion of the value of merit.

Isn’t one of the most special things about the Derby and the two following races the fact it is RARE? If it becomes common for owners like Coburn to win because “they are America’s horse”, why then is the Triple Crown so special. And why should they suddenly achieve the level of recognition that the Seattle Slew’s and Secretariat’s earned by lowering standards? Next we’ll be giving Nobel Peace Prizes to heads of state not based on accomplishment, but on popularity….oh… wait.

Anyway, John Clay ( had it right. If you change the rules – it’s no longer the Triple Crown:

My response:

Hey My Favorite Green Birdie!

Tonalist didn’t even qualify for the Derby. There are more horses than just 20 that run in qualifying Derby races. He ran just four races and didn’t win with exception of the Peter Pan. Tonalist was not mature enough or well enough to handle a packed field of 20.

The rules change whether we are aware of it or not. Horses were always drug tested but later they added the jockeys. In the 80′s the interference rule was added. That boxing out move is illegal if any contact was made.
It was an unofficial rule or the gentlemen’s agreement to not run a fresh horse in the Belmont. 73 only 4 horses ran. Smaller fields also ran in 77 and 78. However, Affirmed and Alydar were as much of a match race as Secretariat and Sham. The match races were a major drawn in themselves so owners not wanting to interfere held horses or ran horses in other stake races.

Somewhere after the 70′s the gentlemen’s rule evaporated and fresh horses (15 since 79)have entered the Belmont. With this current loss 12 horses lost to a fresher horse.

Each track and Racing association create their own rules. The Belmont has always differed from the Triple Crown because once upon a time the Belmont was the elitist race for the sport of Kings. While the bourbon drinking and beer chugging went with the Derby and The Preakness. Once being referred to as the every man’s race letting distillery workers use the infield of Churchill Downs as their gathering place.

Change has happened over time. The Belmont used to run first then moved to the middle and finally at the end. The Triple Crown didn’t exist until the 1900′s and horses and jockeys were later being tested for performance enhancing drugs. Further the unofficial gentlemen’s rule was monitored because of a threat to conspire. Two owners cannot conspire to mark a race and split the winnings. That said a a racing team can strategically plan to set pace.

Coburn’s biggest issue was Tonalist didn’t have hardly any points compared to all the horses. Check the 3 year old racing cards of Affirmed. Check all the other races from that point up and see how much racing the winners have done right up to the Belmont.

The Triple Crown has made changes. Last point if Commissioner, Medal Count and Tonalist (I had General A Rod did run all three and would have won the Belmont anyway) had not run, it was still a dead heat between Wicked Strong and California Chrome and there is no know precedence if Chrome would have the Crown for not being the sole victor.

Change happens and just because a rule might change it doesn’t change the length of Big Sandy and it is a hard race to flat out win. Why do you think it was move to the last race?


Icing it Down: Kings and Rangers Square Off for Game Three.

Hey Hockey Fans, if tonight’s game 3 is anything like game two, then you better make sure your Kuerig has espresso in it for the morning! Because the excitement of the Kings coming from behind and forcing  not one but two overtimes is going to leave your Tuesday feeling more like hump day.

The momentum rests with the Kings. However, one day off, a 3 hour time difference and the fiercely vocal New York fans from the Burroughs of the city that doesn’t sleep forces the Rangers to have to make it there or it will be next to possible for a come back being down 0-3.

The Rangers will have to limit the penalties and relax knowing they may hold an advantage of not having a game ending call that has allowed them to be with this deficit.

The Kings will need to focus, tune in and own the ice, exactly how they have all season. The concern is always being ahead 2 games and the relaxed notion of just another game isn’t going to hold on melted ice. They must play with the same intensity and keep the pressure on the Rangers.

How late will you be up tonight? Well New York never sleeps so does it matter? This a match up worth losing shut eye for.

Update: Talk about Iced!! The question is what are the Kings having in their morning coffee? I don’t like sweeps unless it is one of my kids sweeping the kitchen. Game 4- I hope the Rangers show up for it.


Heat Turned Up Again in San Antonio

The AC was up full blast but the Heat was on fire in the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. The #LeBroning may now die a twitter death.


LeBron is not Michael Jordan, he’s LeBron James and tonight he showed why comparisons are silly. Each generation has a standout, the playmaker or the go to guy. Love him or hate him, his play in each quarter became stronger and hotter, yet smart . He’s this generation’s elite and continues to prove it.

35 points tonight vs the 25 points in game 1 is the tale of the court. LeBron turned it up when superstar elite players do, right when it matters and victory is achieved.

I am not a doctor and I will never pretend to be one.  But after spending years playing tennis in the southern Louisiana heat leg cramps are real and will cause even the most hydrated players to hit the ground.




Spurs using there stacked bench and super three of Ginóbili , Parker and Duncan made a classic comeback run in the final seconds of play.  However if those missed free throws weren’t all rim and nothing but net it would be a 2-0 lead for the Spurs.  Drills on the line boys and incase you forgot they are called FREE throws for a reason.

LeBron and his, compadres of Wade and Bosh made this game two almost as fun as the Kings/Rangers game, minus the double OT.

Let’s see if the Spurs can dig in and ride the waves and cool down the Heat.

Prediction Heat will take game 3 but the Spurs have game 4.  And since I am from Cleveland I better invest in a blonde wig and dark sunglasses or going home might be difficult after this blog publishes.




Nadal’s Dance Wins 9th French Open

Tennis has a glamour to it. Stroke by stroke, serve by serve the movements when performed correctly showcase an athletes talents with as much grace as a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi.

Nadal owns the clay courts of Roland Garros as the Mona Lisa holds court in the Louvre. A masterpiece for the visual senses.

Nadal may have had a slower then expected start losing the first set 3-6 to Novack Djokovic. Djokovic was solid and appeared to use most of his energy in the first two sets leaving the #2 seed empty and struggling in sets 3 and 4 in heat of Paris.

Nadal playing on what could be called his home court became stronger and more sure footed in movement and strategy. His surge for tennis dominance became clear in taking the second set 7-5 and his grace and strength was starting to emerge while Djokovic was becoming ill during crossovers.

Nadal would allegro his was through the third set at 6-2 and continue into the fourth set by winning on a double fault and tying Pete Sampras’ 14 Grand Slam titles with his nemesis Roger Federer just ahead with 17.

Nadal will need his dance to include a Pas de basque of sure steps and strong leaps for when he touches down at the All England Club and the grass courts of Wimbledon.

Wimbledon has been his Fouetté having only 2 victories in his career. The whipping by the grass courts refuse to allow the fluidity in his movements that Roland Garros bravado’s right from the coin toss.

However, the question remains will he arabesques his way through the unpredictable weather of London and court conditions to claim his 15th title? His presents in the finals will be a must see for even the faintest of tennis fans and I suspect he will bring a whole new set of dance moves.


Rust on the Chrome! All or Nothing?


horse racing

Triple Crown romantics everywhere are screaming about June 7th, 2014 and the 146th running of the Belmont Stakes.  Personally I am probably the loudest in the group next to Steve Coburn.

”That’s the coward’s way out,” he said. ”It’s not fair to these horses that have been in the game since day one. If you don’t make enough points to get into the Kentucky Derby, you can’t run in the other two races. It’s all or nothing.”


The last 12 attempts that had any chance of winning were defeated by horses that ran 1 or none of the first two legs.  What quality of a race is it if Tonalist wins the race without ever qualifying for the Derby?

Money.  Simply put there isn’t a horse owner or trainer that has a romantic notion of the Triple Crown but enjoy sticking their fresh horse in to capitalize on the inflated purse and bets placed by those who just wanted a ticket of a Triple Crown winner. This ruins it for all of us who have been waiting since Affirmed won in 1978.  Taking the romance out of the race so a fresh horse can saunter in and take from the average guy merely seals the label the “Sport of Kings”.  Because today the Kings (not the hockey team) ruled and won.

Now I am not a big west coast racing fan.  However, California Chrome came to all of us just like Big Brown, as America’s Horse.  Why?  Because of those average guys who spent less than anyone would on most used cars worth driving.  They knew nothing but were able to get a marquee Jockey to see the dream and ride.  California Chrome’s name is a slice of Americana and his owners had to endure the snobbery of the horse racing elite who couldn’t quite grasp the racing team name of Dumb Ass Partners.  DAP fooled them all.  As it goes in these situations the Kings held court and the rust began to show on both America’s horse and his owners.

Steve Coburn reacted harshly but with all the emotion and passion just like the coaches and managers who have lost the Super Bowl or World Series, there just wasn’t any camera footage of it.  In the Sport of Kings THIS was the shot heard around the world. Experts weren’t sure how to respond so they stuck with its always been that way and no one has questioned it. Until now.

They didn’t always drug test the horses or the jockeys either, and if that can be added to create fairness then why can’t a new expectation of qualifying to run in each leg of the Triple Crown be added?

Think about it the New York Racing Association also had the rule of the nasal strips were not permissible, but file a grievance with the Stuart and Breathe Rite receives free promotion and Savannah Guthrie learns that there wasn’t a horse named Nasal Strip in the race.  California Chrome as 11 other horses that came close also generated a whirl wind and a massive increase in attendance, bets, hotel stays, food and alcohol profits all to be denied by horses that didn’t run all three legs.

Nasal Strip


College football added the BCS, and a longer playoff season for the NFL then why shouldn’t the Horse Racing Association make changes too?  Every sport’s history has changes.  What could it hurt to start the debate?  Steve Coburn stood up for what you don’t see in most owners.  Real love and passion for DAP’s horse.  He was the PR guy and the average American who spoke without an air of superiority.  He just wasn’t king material and the purse because of his horse made the allure of money to great to pass up for owners who had a pretty good horse that just wasn’t strong enough in early May and wanted a return on their investment.

As long as the rules stay the same then the Dumb Ass Partners of the world will never see their horse succeed.  For all who have waited almost as long as my hometown of Cleveland has waited for championship the head lines will be the same “Waiting for Next Year”.

Polish off the rust on the rules make it shine and announce the Triple Crown is now all or nothing!  Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed brought the romance back for all of America, they were the chrome of the 70’s.  14 years into a new century and after today I am confident the Browns will win a Super Bowl before a Triple Crown winner is anointed.


Now how about game 2 of the NHL?  WHOA!


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