Icing it Down: Kings and Rangers Square Off for Game Three.

Hey Hockey Fans, if tonight’s game 3 is anything like game two, then you better make sure your Kuerig has espresso in it for the morning! Because the excitement of the Kings coming from behind and forcing  not one but two overtimes is going to leave your Tuesday feeling more like hump day.

The momentum rests with the Kings. However, one day off, a 3 hour time difference and the fiercely vocal New York fans from the Burroughs of the city that doesn’t sleep forces the Rangers to have to make it there or it will be next to possible for a come back being down 0-3.

The Rangers will have to limit the penalties and relax knowing they may hold an advantage of not having a game ending call that has allowed them to be with this deficit.

The Kings will need to focus, tune in and own the ice, exactly how they have all season. The concern is always being ahead 2 games and the relaxed notion of just another game isn’t going to hold on melted ice. They must play with the same intensity and keep the pressure on the Rangers.

How late will you be up tonight? Well New York never sleeps so does it matter? This a match up worth losing shut eye for.

Update: Talk about Iced!! The question is what are the Kings having in their morning coffee? I don’t like sweeps unless it is one of my kids sweeping the kitchen. Game 4- I hope the Rangers show up for it.


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