Nadal’s Dance Wins 9th French Open

Tennis has a glamour to it. Stroke by stroke, serve by serve the movements when performed correctly showcase an athletes talents with as much grace as a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi.

Nadal owns the clay courts of Roland Garros as the Mona Lisa holds court in the Louvre. A masterpiece for the visual senses.

Nadal may have had a slower then expected start losing the first set 3-6 to Novack Djokovic. Djokovic was solid and appeared to use most of his energy in the first two sets leaving the #2 seed empty and struggling in sets 3 and 4 in heat of Paris.

Nadal playing on what could be called his home court became stronger and more sure footed in movement and strategy. His surge for tennis dominance became clear in taking the second set 7-5 and his grace and strength was starting to emerge while Djokovic was becoming ill during crossovers.

Nadal would allegro his was through the third set at 6-2 and continue into the fourth set by winning on a double fault and tying Pete Sampras’ 14 Grand Slam titles with his nemesis Roger Federer just ahead with 17.

Nadal will need his dance to include a Pas de basque of sure steps and strong leaps for when he touches down at the All England Club and the grass courts of Wimbledon.

Wimbledon has been his Fouetté having only 2 victories in his career. The whipping by the grass courts refuse to allow the fluidity in his movements that Roland Garros bravado’s right from the coin toss.

However, the question remains will he arabesques his way through the unpredictable weather of London and court conditions to claim his 15th title? His presents in the finals will be a must see for even the faintest of tennis fans and I suspect he will bring a whole new set of dance moves.


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