Are you from Cleveland? The Northeast Ohio area? Did you grow up there in the last 50 years? If the answer is yes then you will feel the words printed. If not then you may just shrug it off.  OR you may just hear what is posted on my blog!

Dreams in Cleveland are cut from the iron ore that once rested on the shores of Lake Erie. Those dreams can easily be shattered by the frigid winds that clip across the Northcoast with the fury of a stealth bomber. Faster than the speed of light and quieter than a ninja warrior closing in on the target.

Growing up here meant having a great sense of humor, the ability to dust yourself off and try again and facing the fact your dreams may need to take on a different direction.  Yet never to be abandon.

So many times the city has been on the brink of greatness and the brink of destruction. Still some how, some way she moves herself back to center to try again.

During the harsh winters it’s easy to dream of warm sunny beaches while shoveling mounds of glistening frozen precipitation that only Elsa and Olaf would relish in. It’s hard on the commute to work, harsher on the skin and can beat you down after a few months of it.  A late snow in April or May can cause a critical case of Springfever.

The long harsh winter in sports for Cleveland has a deep critical case of the fever and much needed cure of the sunlight of a want and hope of the ever elusive championship. For the excitement of a banner in a town that has not waivered in it’s moniker of Believeland is the dream that not even the winds of the great Lake Erie can diminish.

Other cities can have their pride but Clevelanders cannot have theirs. Why? Feel bad for Detroit but still stick it to Cleveland. Again why? Are we as Clevelanders not part of this country too? Did we suddenly become Canadian? Um no or is it something bigger?  Like, oh maybe, we never give in, never quit believing and can annoy those haters like Dellavedova going for a 50/50 ball on the floor.

Cleveland stands on the center stage during the Eastern Conference Finals not only fills the faithful but fuels the words quoted by LeBron himself on his return to Cleveland:

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.  I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home

Back in October I told a friend of mine that The Ohio State would win the National Championship. He laughed and said have you not seen the polls? Your boys aren’t even in the top ten. And the outcome was……lets just say I enjoyed saying “I told you so!”

LeBron was at that game. Criticized for it, but what do you think he took away from their victory?

Play your heart out! Play for the love of the game! Inspire each other! The team that wants it most and plays with every ounce of their heart can come back and win it all!

King James’ Knights of the round table do not shine like Lancelot but more like the Bad News Bears. Their gritty scrappers who are following his majesty into the arena of the machete reeling national spotlight and showing what “Together” can do.

Like his powerful Nike commercial:

1-2-3 Hardwork 4-5-6 Together, 1-2-3 Hardwork 4-5-6 Together!

Together for a city that is the keeper of iron ore dreams and a belief stronger than the Man of Steel, will help all to move past the differences that ail, the years of “oh so close”,  and bring back the golden rays of the brighten spring flare that illuminates over the residue of the long harsh winter sky.

Together we believe, enough of others beating a city down that doesn’t deserve it. Together we believe on any given day those who rise to face the challenges of life can overcome all odds against them!

Together we know when you let your heart be seen anything is possible. Together we are Cleveland.

Update!!!! Cleveland Sweeps Atlanta!! 

Together we are finals bound!!  


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