Heat Turned Up Again in San Antonio

The AC was up full blast but the Heat was on fire in the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. The #LeBroning may now die a twitter death.


LeBron is not Michael Jordan, he’s LeBron James and tonight he showed why comparisons are silly. Each generation has a standout, the playmaker or the go to guy. Love him or hate him, his play in each quarter became stronger and hotter, yet smart . He’s this generation’s elite and continues to prove it.

35 points tonight vs the 25 points in game 1 is the tale of the court. LeBron turned it up when superstar elite players do, right when it matters and victory is achieved.

I am not a doctor and I will never pretend to be one.  But after spending years playing tennis in the southern Louisiana heat leg cramps are real and will cause even the most hydrated players to hit the ground.




Spurs using there stacked bench and super three of Ginóbili , Parker and Duncan made a classic comeback run in the final seconds of play.  However if those missed free throws weren’t all rim and nothing but net it would be a 2-0 lead for the Spurs.  Drills on the line boys and incase you forgot they are called FREE throws for a reason.

LeBron and his, compadres of Wade and Bosh made this game two almost as fun as the Kings/Rangers game, minus the double OT.

Let’s see if the Spurs can dig in and ride the waves and cool down the Heat.

Prediction Heat will take game 3 but the Spurs have game 4.  And since I am from Cleveland I better invest in a blonde wig and dark sunglasses or going home might be difficult after this blog publishes.




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